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When you hire us, then we become an extended member of your family. We enter your home, feed and play with your pets and perform other services that you might request.

For example, we can administer medications, take in the mail, turn on lights, reset the alarm and adjust the thermostat.

The first step is to call us to schedule an initial consultation so we can meet your pets and become familiar with your household and your needs.

Prior to the consultation, we would like you to read and complete the following forms.

Please provide us with one signed copy of each required form:

Pet Sitting and Walking Guidelines and Policies

Required. The Pet Sitting and Walking Guidelines and Policies form contains a summary of services and should answer most of the your questions.

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Information Form

Required. This is a summary of our services and guidelines. Download and print two copies of this form. Please provide us with one signed copy for our files.

Pet Enrollment Application

Required. This form provides us with emergency contact information for both dog walking and pet sitting services.

Keys and Security Information Form

Required. In addition to providing us with your house keys, we may need additional security information if your residence has an alarm system.

Authorization for Admission to Apartment, Condominium or Office

Optional. Please fill out this form only if you live in a gated community, or complex that requires your express written permission for entrance to your home or office.

All of our forms can be filled out on line and then printed for your signature. Give us a call if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!