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What is a pet website without photos of our beloved pets? Here are a few of our satisfied customers.

Recently, I had Cindy care for our ten year old white Scottie, Gus.  Gus suffers from allergies. He was in better condition when she returned him to us than when we dropped him off. He loved her, yes, he told me!
Joan Alexander, Fort Lauderdale Florida


We have been using Cindy for a few years now and absolutely love her. We have complete trust in her when we are away knowing that our furry babies are in great hands and having fun. She never hesitates to call if she thinks our dogs need something or has a question. She also texts us pictures of them during our trips which are greatly appreciated. We are so thankful to have found her and highly recommend her services! Lauren T. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

From the Dog's Mouth

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Dog Picture Dog Picture Dog Picture Dog Picture Dog Picture

dog (Excited dog sounds)

Oh, Oh, Oh, someone’s at the door…

(Sounds of running, full speed running)

Lookout!! No brakes!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

(Sounds of crashing... then silence) Cindy’s here.
Capt 'n Jack
dog (Whimpering sounds)
Ow, wow, wow eez not Friday!

Daz when Cindy comes tuh play wid me.

When Cindy comes to play, we walk 'n food 'n fun 'n treats!

But, eez not Friday. Sigh...
Cindy comes on Fridays. (More whimpering)
dog (unintelligible barking and growling) PLAY!

(unintelligible barking and growling) FOOD!

(more unintelligible barking and growling) CINDEEEEEE!

(still more of same) PFFFFFTHRP!!!

(silence) Uh-oh! POOP!
dog (Sounds of Dog laughing)

I couldn't find a bone.

So, I buried the CAT!

(More sounds of laughing)
dog (Yapping and panting) Is anybody out there?
I can’t see a thing!!!
Who turned out the lights?
I haven’t had a haircut in ages!!!

Cindy? Is that you, Love?
Shake the kibble bag a bit so I can here you, dear!!!

(Sounds of kibble bag shaking)

Oh, a steaky poo, mmmm!!! (Sounds of eating)
dog (Sophisticated barking sounds)

Whaddaya mean, pampered? Just because it’s alllll about me doesn’t mean ahm pampered!

Ah have an outfit for walking, another for eating, and my favorite, this lovely lace nitie just for sleeping!

Cindy knows just how to treat a gal!
dog (Scottish growling) Aye, beggorah! S’not an easy thing when your pooch is gettin’ long in the tooth.

(More of the Scottish sounds)

But ah’ll be tellin’ you that Cindy knows how to treat a fellah.

And treats him just fine, she does.

She keeps a fella fit ‘n trim.
The Kids
dog (Sounds of puppies playing)
Both:  Weee wanna tell ya ‘bout  Cindy…

(sounds of growling ,then  they repeat)

Both:  Weee wanna tell  ya ‘bout Cindy…
Kid 1:  hrumph, Cindy said dat eye should go first!
Kid 2:  s’ did not!
Kid 1:  did too!
Kid 2:  s’ did not!
Kid 1:  did too!

(Sounds of biting, chomping, pushing and shoving)

Kid 1: Cindy pets us,
Kid 2: Ahm tellin’ you pooped on the carpet!
Kid 1: ‘n feeds us,
Kid 2: Ahm tellin’ you chewed up her shoes!
Kid 2: Does not!
Kid 1: Does too!
Kid 2: Does not!
Kid 1: Does too!
Kid 2: Does not!
Kid 1: Does too!

(More biting, chomping, pushing and shoving)
dog (Sounds of lots of dogs barking and yapping)
(Diesel barks once and loud, pause)

When ah speak, eeeeeveryone listens… ahm gonna speak now,

Ahm gonna say this once and only once.

Get Cindy for your ‘lil pooper. (pause)

or your big pooper (pause),

or your medium sized pooper....

(Sound of little dog barking)

And you! You little scamp!

Cindy needs to teach you some manners!

She will make a difference!
dog (Happy panting)
Outside? My favorite thing!

Go Fetch? Go Fetch?
Ohhhh, my favorite thing!

Ride?? Ride?? (Happy barks)
My favorite thing!!!

My Favorite thing!!!!

Canwegonow? (sounds of excited panting)
Canwegonow? Huh, huh, huh?
dog Yah tink wid these biggg ears I wud listen to what Cindy hadda say about not dragging my human down da road.

But noooo, I just had to chase that furry 'ting,
(sounds of happy pursuit)

En iffan it wassn' for draggin' that human, I wudda caught it too… you betcha!!!!

(Apologetic sigh)

Yeah, Cindy’s teachin’ me how to walk nice.
dog (Happy panting) Ahm a good guy, yes ah’am, yes ah’am.

I learned to walk nice ‘n pretty,

(Sounds of happy feet) Ahm just so happy! Just a happy guy, yeah ah am!

Look at these teeth!!! Ahm just so happy! Happy guy, that's me.
dog (Still more yapping sounds)
Lemmie tell yah ‘bout walkin' wid Cindy

(Alert!) Squirrel? over dere.. eeza Squirrel... thut I saw a squirrel,

(Sounds of dog ranting)

(Pause) Uh, yeah, Cindy, whadda great gal...
dog (Sounds of little puppies snoring and dreaming puppy dreams)
dog (Many excited yips)

Ahm soooooo excited!

Cindy finally put a bow in mah hair ! I can SEEEEEEE!

She pulled back my hair, and I can SEEEEEE!

(Sound of a happy dog that can see)
dog (Growling sounds)

Gettaway, Cat! It's my bed now!
dog (Sounds of Slobber)

TH-ufferin’ th-uccotash!

Ah couldn’ Th-leep at night widdout my toy-thsss and e-thhhh-pecially widdout THHHHH-indy!

(More slobber)
dog (dog clearing throat sound)
Pardon me, I wathz clearing my throat.

You know, many humanthz thzill labor under the falthz deluthzions that dogthz are thzomehow lethz intelligent than people.

Hah! Prepothzerous!

Let me be firthzt to put thithz inthzideous rumor to rethzt at once.

Dogthz are thzimply thzmarter in every athzpect.

Any indicationthz to the contrary by our jealouthz mahzterthz ithz thzimply thzuperthzilleous thzander!

(Sounds of laughter)
dog (Sounds of dog trying to talk with squeaky toy in mouth)

Mumph, mumpha, umph, Cindy,

mumpha, mumpha, great mumpha, mumph

rumph, rrrr, mumpha, mumph!

You have TREATS!

dog Cindy-eeeee!

Can you please give me ALLL your SOCKS!!!!

Thank you!


(Sounds of sniffles)

When ah'm not feelin' good, Cindy sings to me…

Soft kitty,
Warm kitty,
Little ball of fur.
Happy kitty,
Sleepy kitty,
Purr AHH-CHEW! Purr.

(More sounds of sniffling)

dog (Excited dogs)

Older Dog: When I say, "GO," you head north...

Younger Dog: Oh yeah...

Older Dog: and I'll head south.

Younger Dog: Really!

Older Dog: Ready, One... Two.. Three...

(More excited dog sounds as they head off in opposite directions)
dog (Sounds of seagulls)

Whaddayah mean????

Ya said it was the POOP deck!